Man zooms in with his cell phone on the beach and ends up filming his last seconds of life

On a beautiful summer day, a man decided to go to the beach and enjoy the weather. While he was relaxing on the towel, he saw a group of girls and decided to film them. But seconds after he zooms in with the cell phone, the young man captured his last seconds of life without realizing it.

The man was relaxed and comfortable, enjoying the sunshine, when some attractive young women caught his eye. At that moment, he decided to record the ladies. He wanted memories from that beautiful sight. However, the video was about to end the life of the cell phone’s owner…

By filming the girls on the horizon, zooming in with the camera, he couldn’t guess that he was also recording his last seconds of life. Watch the video and understand what we’re talking about!

After all, the man was not alone on the beach: his wife was with him, and she saw everything! Surely he will be in trouble after this naughty behavior. Share the funny moment with your perverted friends so they learn their lesson before it happens to them!

Source: Tá Bonito


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