Young quartet plays song in church – the crowd explodes in laughter when they hear the boy in a vest singing

When a young quartet entered the stage, the audience had no idea what the kids had up their sleeve. They had prepared an unexpected and very funny Christmas performance. Initially, everyone expected to hear sweet, innocent voices. However, what came out of their mouths was not what the audience expected.

They decided to sing gospel music differently, bringing joy and laughter to everyone. No one could stop their laughter at what the boys had prepared.

Youtube – Carmen Lais

As soon as the song started playing, the audience realized that this was not an ordinary quartet. This was a Christmas performance that the presents won’t forget. It took a while for the audience to realize that something strange was happening.

Youtube – Carmen Lais

The four boys did their best to accompany the song, even though they knew their voices were not normal. When the young man in a vest began to sing, the audience could not stop their laughter.

He had a trick up his sleeve that kept getting funnier and funnier.

Youtube – Carmen Lais

The boys had a lot of fun on the stage, animating the whole audience. Wanting to spread the joy of Christmas in a unique way, the boys’ quartet brightened the night with their comedic performance. There are no words to describe the lovely group.

The boys quartet is absolutely incredible and they stole the show with their charisma. While it’s impossible not to notice the talented youngster in the vest, there’s no question that the whole performance is brilliant!

Youtube – Carmen Lais

Get ready to have a good laugh with the video below. You will love the performance of these children!

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Source: Faith Tap


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