Young man hugs street dogs and their reactions are incredible. Try not to get emotional

All living things need love and love to live Happy. But how do you feel the animals that live on the street? Deprived of the most basic things to the existence of life, such as water and food, these animals often do not even experience moments of caring in their lives.

It is true that they are free and their home is the whole world but they are also exposed to all the dangers, not to mention that many of them are born and die in the street without ever feeling the love of a human.

It is very simple to hug an animal. It was from this phrase that the idea of ​​”The First Hug” came about, where a young man spends his day hugging and caressing needy street animals. Patiently he calls the canines and gradually gains their trust.

– M Panu

Soon the boy can “do magic”. The reactions of the animals are priceless. Who knows even today you follow this example and start one by one, to hug the dogs of your city.

Share with your friends and family, so everyone knows that street animals also deserve to feel human love.

Source: Olhar Animal


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