Young man helps blind little goat lost in the pasture and video moves the web

What love! A beautiful video is moving the social networks. It shows a boy helping a blind little goat lost in the pasture and carrying it on his lap, on a farm in the interior of Bahia.

The good guy is Felipe Oliveira, who has a profile on TikTok called @josenafazenda. And the blind little bitch is called Stevie.

In the recording, he tells us that when he releases the animal in the pasture with the others, it gets lost and can’t get back to the corral.

“Every day we have to pick her up. She can’t come back. She can’t keep up with the others”.

Then Felipe goes after the goat and shouts “Bééééé” in the middle of the forest. It’s funny and touching at the same time.

Take the little goat on your lap

Suddenly, after the call, she appears and goes towards Felipe.

The boy then picks up the little goat on his lap, plays with her, and then takes her to her mother, so that the little animal can suckle.

Video went viral.

The video posted on TikTok this weekend already has almost half a million views and almost 3,500 comments.

“I don’t know which of the two is cuter,” wrote one of Felipe’s followers.

“How cute! Congratulations on your dedication. Admiration for you defines it,” commented another.

“Boy, please give her to me, I really want her,” wrote another and Felipe soon replied:

“No ma’am.” (lol)


Source: So Noticia Boa


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