Young man forced to walk home after rescuing 2 stray dogs on trip

A couple of backpackers, Lucas and Sol, decide to give up their vacation adventure to rescue abandoned dogs and the gesture is so moving that it has reached social networks to fill us with love.

These young people from Argentina decided to start a trip together to Chile to discover the wonders of the neighboring country, but they did not imagine that their plans would go full circle to find two abandoned and defenseless dogs.

Sol and Lucas’s trip was almost over, but in the days before their return to town, Mendoza, they found two dogs.

After spending a few hours with the dogs, Lucas, 24, knew he couldn’t leave them there, so he decided to do something for them and rescue them and take them to Argentina. A plan that the Sol could not resist.

The Argentines decided to adopt their new friends, Pilsen and Serena.

Everything seemed to be going well, because the couple were happy to take the dogs with them, but fate and some evildoers played with them.

“In Abra Pampa, Jujuy, everything they had was stolen. Lucas and his girlfriend ran out of money, no cell phone, no clothes, nothing. Only with dogs”, said Agustina, Lucas’s sister.

Desperate, the couple decided to call Sol’s father to help them with some money for their return.

The man came to them at the border and gave the necessary money to return to Argentina. However, this was not the only inconvenience presented to them, when they arrived at the terminal, their entry was blocked because “they could not travel with the dogs”.

No travel company allowed animals in units that were on long routes because of the discomfort they pose to other passengers.

Faced with such an obstacle, Sol and Lucas seemed to have no choice but to leave the dogs alone in the terminal, but the couple had not rescued them to abandon them again. Far from it, Lucas decided to embark on a new adventure.

The Argentine told his girlfriend and father-in-law that they would take the bus ride and he would be in charge with walking in with his new friends across the border because he could not abandon them.

The brave boy traveled miles to get home, and though the trip was tiring, Lucas felt it was all worth it.

Arriving in Mendoza, Agustina and her mother learned about her brother’s beautiful gesture and went to social networks to tell the story. Sol told them what happened and his publication went viral, as people were asked to help Lucas if they saw him on the road.

From this point, a great wave of generosity began and the young man found some angels in his path, despite the long road ahead.

Among the generous people were Ninoska and Evelyn, two sisters who saw Lucas and did not hesitate to help him with some food and a big lift.

“We offered to take him in the car because he told us he was already blistered and the dogs were tired. We gave him water, cookies, financial aid, something for him, ”the girls wrote on Facebook.

Although they had already said goodbye to him, the women couldn’t stop thinking about Lucas and his dogs, so in the company of his mother they went looking for him. Fortunately, they found him and took him to their house.

The next day, they offered him a new ride so he could continue his journey, but this time fed and rested.

Fortunately, the odyssey had a happy ending because another family decided to help Lucas. Chilean Natalia Ponce saw the publication online and decided to look for the backpacker, since a relative of her would travel the next day from Tucumán to Mendoza and could take him with his dogs.

That was how Serena and Pilsen arrived at their new home with Lucas.

After this adventure, the dogs are happy with the great show of love made by the young. Although it seems a bit difficult, the truth is that almost no one would have the courage to undertake the journey on foot to save the lives of these two furry friends.

Lucas’s action really inspired us, don’t go out without sharing your great gesture of love. Thanks.

Source: Zoorprendente


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