Young man finds dog that was missing for more than 4 years

A young fireman and nurse living in Santo Tirso, Portugal, named João Alves, met his faithful friend again after he disappeared more than 4 years ago.

The animal had a chip, but whoever gave it shelter over the past few years hadn’t minded.

The story had a happy ending thanks to a Facebook group of missing animals in the Santo Tirso area, where photos of the dog were posted after allegedly being run over.

After being seen walking through the streets, the dog was taken to a municipal kennel because it was suspected that he had been run over. Suspicions turned out to be unconfirmed, although the animal was limping.

After being assisted at the kennel, the owner was discovered as soon as the chip was checked.

After four years, three months and 21 days… the reunion happened:

Após 4 anos, 3 meses e 21 dias…ele apareceu!!! OBRIGADO

Posted by João Alves on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Source: Tá Bonito


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