Young man asks for help to find a home for his 90 dogs

Quarantine is affecting people all over the world. At the moment, many people are locked in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

But for young Edwin Saving Huellas from Peru, quarantine prevented him from keeping the 90 dogs he saved from the streets in recent years.

Now, the young man asks for online help so that people can adopt their beloved dogs.

Edwin has adopted homeless animals all his life and currently has 90 dogs in his care. But because of the difficult time he is going through during quarantine, he has made an emotional appeal to social networks to help him care for his 90 dogs, writes Wapa.

Edwin writes on Facebook that he has no coronavirus, but in the video, he posted on his Facebook page, he says he is wrong and can no longer take care of his beloved dogs.

Edwin starts by saying in the video: “Hi, I’d like to ask for your support.”

The quarantine meant that the total interruption of activities did not allow him to generate enough income to support all his four-legged friends.

Some of the dogs he houses have a disability and so far Edwin has done everything he can to keep them safe and sound. But he is running out of money and Edwin is worried about how he might buy food for his puppies.

“There are 90 I’d like to see adopted. The truth I can no longer. The food is running out and we can’t anymore. I’d like to ask for your support. If you want to adopt them, go ahead. I’m also a bit delicate in health, so I can’t handle everything,” says Edwin in the moving video and continues:

“It is very difficult to feed 90 puppies and I can no longer give them the necessary food for economic reasons. Now, if you could support me to continue and so that these puppies can eat.”

The dogs are very grateful to Edwin and refuse to leave, despite the circumstances.
Many people reacted to Edwin’s call and many people helped him.

A few hours ago, he posted on his Facebook page that, with the help he has received so far, they were able to buy 9 bags of rice and 6 bags of potatoes.

But Edwin still needs help, because there are many dogs that he needs to feed and that need to be adopted.

We sincerely hope that Edwin continues to receive help so that he can recover and that his puppies find a new home.

We also want to thank Edwin for all the work he does. Thank you and thank you again. You’re an inspiration.

To help you can contact him/her on your Facebook profile by clicking HERE.

Source: La Biblia De Los Animales


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