Young boy gets emotional when he wins puppy as birthday present

Daniel Totos, of Australia, received a present from his wife, Ashley, for his 25th birthday.

When he opened the box, he initially thought it was a fancy watch, but then discovered that it was a collar. Confused, he held the collar up, trying to figure out why his wife bought him this as a gift.

It finally clicked once he saw his wife walk into the room holding an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

Totos burst into tears and couldn’t contain his excitement when he realized that his birthday gift was a fluffy pup. His eyes lit up as the puppy got closer, and he was finally able to hold him in his arms.

Ashley couldn’t help but cry as well after seeing how emotional Dan got. After giving her the wedding of her dreams, she knew he deserved something very special for his birthday this year.

Totos está querendo um filhote de cachorro há um tempo, desde que seu último cachorro faleceu há cinco anos. Sua esposa atenciosa finalmente realizou seu desejo!

Felizmente, seus amigos conseguiram capturar o momento em vídeo, que foi assistido mais de 3,6 milhões de vezes no TikTok.

Assista a esta emocionante surpresa no vídeo abaixo:

Source: I Love My Dog


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