Young boy finds dog abandoned and injured, decides to call for help

A young boy in India came across an injured dog huddled up in a dark corner hiding from the world.

The boy knew to contact Animal Aid rescuers, and they arrived on the scene to see that the dog’s legs were all swollen and cut. The stray couldn’t stand up on his own. They worked to get him back to the hospital right away.

It turned out someone tied some strings around the dog’s legs very tightly, and they were so deeply embedded that it would require sedation to remove them. Rescuers didn’t know if they’d be able to save the legs, but they were sure going to try! They flushed and cleaned the wounds and wrapped them with compression bandages to reduce swelling.

The good boy got through the procedure but needed a little encouragement to start eating. And two days later the swelling had drastically reduced. After a week of rest, it was time for his first walk!

The poor dog couldn’t even stand at first and then had to deal with so much pain in every step for several weeks.

Animal Aid Unlimited was able to save his legs, and it’s all thanks to that young boy for the heads up!

Source: I Love My Dog


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