Celebrity asks girl to sing ‘You Raise Me Up’. Seconds later, everyone is losing it

Have you ever wondered what happens to the “losers” of talent shows? They may have lost a fight, but they certainly didn’t lose the war, and the girl we’ll see next is an example of that. Celine Tam is an exceptionally talented girl who was eliminated of America’s Got Talent last year before reaching the finals. Now she has been invited to sing You Raise Me Up, and her performance has surprised the world.

German singer Helene Fischer invited the girl to her program to sing a You Raise Me Up duet with her. However, when the performance began, it was not long before Helene discovered that, despite her size, her voice was better than an adults’!

Youtube – YT Jonas

Helene is an incredible singer, and when two singing talents come together, we can only hope for something great. And that’s exactly what happened… the performance these two gave was awesome! When Helene sang the opening letters of the song, Celine looked at the woman as if she was looking at a wonderful goddess. How was she supposed to keep up with that smooth, harmonious voice?

Youtube – YT Jonas

Celine did not have to worry, because her voice is just as wonderful. She was born to sing and stole the show the moment she opened her mouth! The crowd cheered loudly as the little girl began to show her talent. The girl is not a loser – and her vocal range and impressive notes are proof of that.

Youtube – YT Jonas

Her voice allied with Helene’s made it one of the most wonderful interpretations of You Raise Me Up I’ve ever seen. Their good vibes spread throughout the audience.

Youtube – YT Jonas

Watch the lovely performance below.

Celine is the proof that, in order to win in life, we have to go through many defeats. We’re glad she’s succeeding, and we wish her all the best! Share the beautiful musical moment with your friends.

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