Worried mother cries by wounded puppy while everyone passes by

There is nothing like the love of a mother. For a sweet dog who was responsible for a litter of puppies, her world collapsed when one of them was badly injured.

The pup later called Toggle, lay helpless in the street while his mother cried and cried, begging for help. Finally, someone heard.

Animal Aid Unlimited received the call about the injured baby and rushed to the scene. Many mothers are overcome with concern and regret to understand that first responder are there to help. But not this mother. 

Her intuition immediately kicked and, she allowed the rescue worker to take the Toggle and take it to the medical center. Mom stayed to take care of the rest of her litter. Resources are scarce and, medical staff needs to focus on the Toggle.

In the center, Toggle was cleaned and his wound was taken care of. He couldn’t walk because of the severity of his wounds. He had to rest and heal and increase his strength.

The staff took great care of the Toggle. And he recovered quickly. The adorable cub was certainly brave. Once Toggle recovered, he was brought back to someone who missed him. When his mother sees him, get ready for the hydraulics! Mother and son are both exultant!

Once Mom was breastfeeding her puppies, the medical staff will take her to castrate. For now, the little family is happy to be back together. Mother’s cries, though heartbreaking, were heard! Her’s precious son was alive thanks to the kindness and great hearts of Animal Aid!

Watch the whole story in the video below! Thank God for happy endings!

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