Workers flee in fear of a Pit Bull until they realize how friendly he is

Many Pit Bulls can have a fierce appearance, however, in most cases there is a friendly and loving personality camouflaged on their faces. The playful pup that we’ll meet today is the true proof of that. Some workers in the city of Rondônia, Brazil, fled in fear of a Pit Bull. However, the lovely animal just wanted to play!


A group of workers were doing some repairs inside a room. Suddenly, they saw something approaching them… Then a young man points in terror and runs to protect himself behind a glass door. In a few seconds, everyone panics and seeks a safe haven.

When we think something terrible is about to happen, a Pit Bull comes up wagging his tail. The dog  just wanted a little attention. However, the frightened men continued to run… After a few moments of “panic”, a brave man decides to approach and face the dog.

Wagging his tail with great excitement, the Pit Bull finally gets the caresses that he was looking from the beginning!

Workers flee in fear of a Pit Bull

Check out the unusual moment in the video below:

The overreaction of the workers is possibly a consequence of the bad reputation that has been given to the Pit Bulls for some time.


These lovely beings should treated equally in our society. Share this funny clip with your friends and family!

Source: Zoorprendente


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