Worker brakes suddenly to save the lives of three abandoned puppies on the road

It’s never too late to do a good deed, especially when it comes to saving an innocent life. In the case of animal rescue, any simple gesture can make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats.

Ronny Rose works in the construction area of a company in Colorado, United States. That morning he went to work as he did every day, without thinking that things would be much different.

The puppies were beside a busy road

He was traveling along the road that usually takes him to work when he saw the urgent need to apply the brakes, literally.

Something on the road caught his eye and he couldn’t pass

Luckily, Ronny noticed from a distance, this almost imperceptible detail. On one side of a busy road were three Rottweiler puppies that were possibly no more than three months old.

The three puppies were lying very close to each other, warming up, and looking so good that for a moment Ronny thought they had run away from home. He approached them carefully to look more closely.

Ronny checked the condition of the dogs and checked the time on the clock. It was imminent that if he took a little longer he would be late for work, but he could not turn around and leave these helpless little men alone in the middle of nowhere.

He, who loves dogs, has made a decision.

Ronny took the three puppies to the truck and set off to find the family of these children. It was door to door around the neighborhood, sharing photos and messages on social networks and even local websites, but it was all in vain.

The man understood that the puppies had been abandoned and that no one would ever claim them. So we had to make a decision about the future of this unique trio and it had to be done very soon.

The puppies were healthy and it was obvious that someone had abandoned them.

He took the three little ones to work. Even if I wanted to take care of one, it was impossible. Ronny already had a Labrador and a Pit bull at home, so someone had to help this little Rottweiler.

It was not very difficult to find who would be interested in them. Ronny’s co-workers were fascinated with the puppies and each of them came home the same afternoon.

Keylan had no idea that, thanks to this rescue, he would receive his first puppy.

Ryan Ruck, one of Ronny’s companions, became the father of the year, giving his son Keylan his first dog. To think that he had been rescued on a road.

Thanks to the good heart of a man, these puppies today have formidable and safe homes.

Source: Zoorprendente


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