Women in red dress align – when they turn around, the audience is jaw-dropping

Everyone loves magic tricks. They transport us into a world of imagination and fantasy. But today, we’re going to see a different kind of magic. In the clip, we can see some women in red dress who can change the color of their clothes several times in a matter of seconds.

The whole audience was stunned, having no idea how this was happening. Although this complicated change of dress color leaves the Internet perplexed, this is far from the first time something like this has been done! In fact, this technique was documented in the first book of magic tricks. The work was written by Gantziony in 1489, and called “Natural and Unnatural magic”.

With the fear of witchcraft farther and farther away, the magicians felt more comfortable sharing their tricks and performing in front of a crowd. However, it was only in the 18th century that these artists were actually recognized for their skills and hired to act for wealthy clients!

Nowadays, magic shows are a fun way to spend time with family. Who doesn’t love the incredible tricks of the magicians? Human nature is fascinated by the unknown, which is why magic is loved by people all over the world, just as you will see in the video below.

Women in red dress line up in front of the audience and begin their routine. Shortly after the performance, the women gather in the middle of the stage and mysteriously change the color of their clothes. The crowd is in shock and the camera captures their reactions of awe!

Watch the magic color change show below…

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Source: Share Tap


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