Woman who has tied her dog’s mouth for weeks has been arrested and will be judged

Shadow, the energetic four-month-old cub, is full of energy, and just wants someone to love it. Unfortunately, her ex-owner is a monster who is now facing criminal charges for the sickly horrors she inflicted on her dog.

Alexis Callen of Murray, Utah, tied a hair loop around the puppy’s mouth to keep him quiet while she slept. Callen says he kept it for 48 hours, but the vet in the case says it was much longer: two weeks, based on the damage to the dog.

The woman was arrested and taken to prison on a charge of torture. A rescue group, the Celestial Zoo, has seen women’s posts on social networks. She was asking to return home with the puppy because she was unable to pay the vet’s bills.

Now, the sweet puppy faces $ 2,000 in surgery bills to repair the damage to his mouth and face. The rescue group says this case is more serious than most of them see.

At present, the dog can not eat or drink properly because water and food leak from a hole in his cheek. She is with an adoptive owner, will have surgery and will be available for adoption in a new loving home.

We are grateful to the people who have volunteered to help.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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