Woman welcomes and provides end of life care for abandoned dogs

Retired nurse Nicole Coyle thought it was time for dogs of a certain age to have a better life. And for this reason, a type of residence for older dogs began.

Dogs get all the love they deserve – so their last days will be enjoyed to the best of their ability.

Dogs are fantastic creatures. They give us unconditional love, friendship, and lifelong loyalty.

And so it is right to return the same: our four-legged friends give us so much love and joy.

One day they will age and some owners will look for the solution by leaving them in a pet shelter. In some parts of the world, some of them go further and abandon our four-legged friends, leaving them alone in the street.

But there are angels out there that make a difference with our dogs. Those who do not allow this to happen to dogs that age and may become ill.

Nicole, therefore, decided to set up a residence for elderly dogs and take care of them at home. They take care of sick and abandoned dogs.

Nicole, who is retired after a lifetime of working as a nurse, picks up dogs, looks for those who are old and sick and no longer than six months old – adopts and takes care of them.

Obviously, he gets good help from his children and usually has two dogs at the same time to make sure they get as much love as possible, writes Bored Panda.

For Nicole, money is not important. Spend about 1000 $ on each dog. He usually withdraws his savings and the donations he receives from others who want to help. With money, he buys medicine, food, candy, and travel – so dogs enjoy the rest of their days to the best of their ability.

What a cute gesture! We wish Nicole and the dogs good luck! Thank you for being like this with them.

Source: La Biblia De Los Animales


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