Woman uses carrot to lure horse into back seat of car and save him from wildfire

Wildfires are extremely scary and can spread very quickly, giving people no choice but to flee their homes with their family members and pets, leaving all of their belongings behind. Loading small pets, such as dogs and cats, into your car is easy enough to do in a hurry, but for Lauren Mesaros, evacuating with her pets was a different story.

When Mesaros received a call to evacuate her Santa Rosa home as the Tubbs fire inched closer and closer, she knew bringing her three pet horses to safety would be a very difficult feat. But Gypsy, Connie, and Stardust are her life, and she knew she would do whatever it took to get them out of there before the wildfire spread.

She swiftly loaded her two mares, Gypsy and Connie, into her trailer, but unfortunately, Stardust, a miniature horse, didn’t fit. Mesaros didn’t have any other transportation available, so she had to act quickly, as it was a matter of life and death.

Mesaros ended up having to load Stardust into her 2001 Honda Accord. With help from a neighbor, Mesaros was able to use a carrot to coax Stardust into the backseat of her car, the same way you would lure a dog inside with a treat.

Mesaros and his three horses sought refuge at Windhorse Ranch.

There they waited until it was safe to return home. Fortunately, their home was not damaged by the fire.

Although his house was spared, Mesaros’ car was not. Mesaros says that his car is a mess, and that Stardust “did what horses do” to the back of his car. Honda saw the story on Facebook, which eventually went viral, and offered to help Mesaros with the cleanup, as well as planning a fundraiser.

Source: I Love My Dog


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