Woman ties dog’s mouth for weeks to keep him silent

Shadow, a Labrador puppy, is now recovering after being tortured for days by his former mistress.

He had a disfigured nose and mouth with a deep scar.

His former owner, Alexis Callen, admitted to tying a hair loop around the puppy’s mouth to keep him quiet so she could sleep.

She also told police that she left the bond for 48 hours, but based on the damage, the veterinarians believe he may have been tied up for up to two weeks.

Callen then posted on Facebook, asking to take the puppy home, saying she couldn’t pay the vet’s bills.

Her cousin saw the post and got the puppy. She and her foster mother, Caylla Facemyer, took him to the vet and called the police.

The Celestial Zoo Pet Rescue took the puppy to help with your medical needs. Shadow can not eat or drink properly due to a hole in his cheek from the damage. She will need reconstructive surgery, but a full recovery is expected.

In the meantime, he is being showered with love in his new foster home, and despite everything that has passed, he is still very affectionate and loves attention.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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