Woman throws dog from second floor after fight with boyfriend

A female dog was thrown from the second-floor window due to a woman’s revenge on her mate. The scene happened in an apartment located in Ceilândia, Brazil. After a fight with her boyfriend, a woman decided to throw their pet out the window.

Several neighbors witnessed the crime, which occurred on Monday morning. A boy, who was under the building, heard a noise and went to check what it was. At that point, he found the injured dog. She fell on an iron bar, and her stomach was punctured in two places.


The young man who found the animal contacted the Fire Department, who helped the dog and took her to the vet. According to reports from a vet employee, Cida Cave, the dog, named Diana, was very weak when she arrived. “She underwent complicated surgery and is hospitalized for recovery. Her state inspires proper treatment,” she said.


“Once they brought her to the clinic, we mobilized a group on the social networks and got all the money to pay for the vaccines and the materials used in the procedure. She was operated by the veterinarian José Lino,” she said.

According to Cida, the pet is being treated but they don’t know what will happen after the recovery. “The boy who saved her is interested in adopting her,” she said.

Watch a video of the animal after surgery:

According to the official, the case is being investigated by the police and there is already a complaint of animal maltreatment in the Special Police for Environmental Protection. “I love animals and I was very saddened by the ability of a human being to have the courage to do that with such a helpless dog. It’s very inhumane. Thank God, she’s a lot better,” the employee said.


Source: Metrópoles


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