Woman threw her dog tied and sick in the trash, but forgot that karma exists

There have been many cases of pet owners’ irresponsible behavior reaching our ears, but this never stops to surprise me and, it is impossible to understand how an animal should only receive the love of his family, instead, lies with the most perverse and mean side of the human race.

This is what happened to a dog named Fawna, who was found in the middle of the trash, in a heart breaking scene.

Malnourished and tied up, she was thrown by her mistress into the trash bin.

What could motivate someone to do this, someone who should be her family? The reason is even more devastating: the bad woman, who lived in Pennsylvania, wanted to get rid of Fawna to go with her boyfriend to live in Texas.

She was handled as a piece of trash, unable to move, eat or ask for help.

She stayed like this for three days until one of the men in charge of the garbage found that dark scene.

Nathan Binnie just could not believe what he saw. She was still alive. And his heart broke when he saw how malnourished she was and he gave her some lunch. Then he took her to the Humane Society shelter in Westmoreland County so they could help her.

Humane Society’s volunteers could not believe it either and, realized that her owner had kept her totally careless, without taking her to the vet. Fawna was only skin and bones.

She was skinny and, then her owner decided to leave her behind, only to go out with her boyfriend.

The woman put it in a trash bag so the dog could not escape or ask for help. She had it all figured out!

But already in the shelter, a young veterinarian, Megan Fritz, felt compassion for Fawna and didn’t leave her side for any moment. With infinite patience and with great love, they managed to bring the dog to 32 kilos after a few months.

Here you can see a report of this painful discovery and the incredible recovery:

Fawna could not imagine how much her Calvary would change for a full and happy life, which she deserved so much.

Megan, seeing how important Fawna has become in her life, not only saved her life but also decided to adopt her forever.

Now she is happy in her new home. And the new owners still adopted another brother for her to play with, a Great Dane named Steve. Even Megan is preparing her to be a therapy dog, “her story is so difficult it will inspire many people,” said her new foster mother.

This is how Fawna lives her days now:

And as for the evil Fawna owner, fortunately, the dog had a chip. With the help of the authorities, they managed to locate her and, she was accused of cruelty against the animals. In addition, she will have to pay a fine of $ 600. She will be forced to undergo psychiatric exams and will not be able to own more pets in her life.

One thing was sure, Fawna would not go back with that perverse woman. And if that was not enough, the karma returned forcefully to give her what she deserved: after 3 months her boyfriend left her.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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