Woman sings a serenade for her dog – the reaction of the animal shows that the magic of Christmas is real

Today we’ll meet Daniela Andrade, a talented artist from Canada. If you haven’t heard her name yet, make a note because she’s rapidly gaining popularity around the world. A lovely video in particular not only caught the attention of music lovers but also dog lovers.

To celebrate Christmas, Daniela decided to sing “Christmas Time Is Here” for her dog…

Youtube – Daniela Andrade

The song “Christmas Time Is Here” became popular in 1965 and there have already been dozens of versions of beautiful music. However, none of them are as lovely as Daniela’s. Daniela’s soft, angelic voice is perfect for such beautiful music. Dina also thinks the same and has the most adorable reaction ever, so start listening to the song!

Youtube – Daniela Andrade

When the video begins, Daniela appears in a beautiful recording studio with beautiful Christmas lights, tied around the room. Dina is perched on a felt cushion, standing at the same level as her owner’s eyes.

When Daniela begins to sing, the incredibly cute little dog gives her full attention to the owner. She licks her lips and tilts her face forward, wanting to kiss Daniela. The voice of the Canadian singer is so reassuring that Dina is almost in a trance. She doesn’t take long to lie down, looking at Daniela with absolute adoration.

Youtube – Daniela Andrade

The adorable video has already been viewed more than 4.3 million times and people can not stop watching this moment of tenderness!

Daniela’s voice is so enchanting that you’ll feel as good as Dina while watching this incredible performance. Watch this reassuring moment in the clip below:

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Source: Animal Channel


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