Woman shows what it’s like to be pregnant with triplets

Maria, 36, lives in Norway and is pregnant with triplets. The woman is already in the 33rd week of pregnancy, and has been sharing photos and videos of her huge belly on Instagram. She recently made a small clip to show the world what it’s like to be expecting three babies at one time. One thing is certain: this young woman is a warrior!

The Norwegian and her Danish husband already have a two-year-old son, but the family will soon grow. In a short time, the triplets will join the family. Maria documents her pregnancy on the Instagram Triplets of Copenhagen page, and lets people see how amazing her pregnancy is!


The triplets will be born by c-section, because a natural birth would be too risky, according to doctors. For months, Instagram followers could see the pregancy progress and, on September 12, babies will finally see the light of day.

Below, you can see the video in which Maria shows her belly.


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Women are really amazing… Maria’s belly is stretched to the limit, but she is happy because soon everything will be worth it, when the children are born. Share these special images with your friends and family!

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