Woman risks her life to save two dogs from a fight

Pit bulls are the most affectionate and loyal animals in the world, as long as they are properly educated from an early age, away from clandestine fights or unfair practices that destroy their hearts and make them react abruptly.

Like all dogs, they need care and love, but in many cases, they receive unfair treatment.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to commit to ensuring the welfare of a pet.

This is what happened to brazilian lawyer Marina Galvão, who risked her own life to save her beloved pug, Pagu, who ended up being hit by a pit bull.

A residential security camera in downtown Palmas captured the moment when an unattended pit bull appears out of nowhere on the street to jump over the lawyer’s dog.

She risked her life without thinking twice.

“I was walking with my dog and when I entered the street near my house I saw that a pit bull was free. He was wearing a collar, but there was no one with him. That’s when I took my dog, but he managed to get it out of my arms and threw it to the ground,” says Marina Galvão.

In front of the noise of the situation, one of the street dwellers went out to see what was happening and immediately tried to help by throwing an object at the animals to separate them.

“He threw a rock, but the dog didn’t even answer,” said the lawyer.

Without thinking, Marina threw herself on the discouraged pit bull to hug him and reassure him; while asking her neighbor to pick up Pagu and take him home.

But the incident didn’t stop there, the pit bull snuck back to his neighbor’s house in search of the pug, also putting at risk the safety of some children.

The man managed to get the pit bull out of the house and the animal returned to the street.

The neighbors in the area are scared. They don’t know who owns the pit bull and the same night another unfortunate puppy was affected.

I think it wasn’t worse because the dog wasn’t very aggressive or not an adult. Maybe at first, he wanted to play, but his size is disproportionate. He should live with the people,” said Marina.

After what happened, the lawyer hurt her neck and knee when she fell. Pagu was taken to a veterinary clinic and received five stitches in his leg and belly, where he was bitten. Fortunately, none of her vital organs were affected.

Events like this show the importance of never leaving a dog unattended, are docile beings who need the care and guidance of their humans at all times.

The infuriated pit bull was nothing more than the result of the negligence to which he was subjected, possibly he himself was terrified.

Always keep an eye on your pets.


Source: Zoorprendente


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