Woman rescues pregnant cat on her way to work

For some people, no excuse will be convincing enough to stop helping an animal in danger. So being in a hurry to get to work is a trifle for people like Yvonne.

This Holmes & Marchant Shanghai employee stopped near his office to try to help a kitten who was begging for food.

The girl was in a notorious state of pregnancy and could barely move, just peeing until Yvonne noticed her presence.

Her belly was quite noticeable.

Although she was in line to get to the office on time, the woman knew not to leave her alone. But she couldn’t go home to accommodate her comfortably. Amidst the pressure of the moment, the worker made a somewhat risky decision: she took the hairy girl to work a little.

The future mother felt privileged.

Afraid of getting into trouble, the woman was surprised that all her coworkers ended up being cat lovers. Even her superior welcomed the kitten with great enthusiasm.

The feline fell in love with everyone instantly.

Everyone was moved to see her with her big, hungry belly. So they made a special place for her and didn’t even let Yvonne take her home.

In a small office room, they set up a small space for the little furry one they decided to call Bubu.

In a small office room, they set up a small space for the little furry one they decided to call Bubu.

The employees were worried about Bubu’s pregnancy and the birth of the kittens happened when they least imagined it.

One morning, when the little ones were born in the office, the kitten had 8 beautiful cats that arrived to brighten up everyone’s life at Holmes & Marchant Shanghai.

The mother with her little children.

After the first month, the animals were transferred to a larger meeting room with pillows and blankets to make them really comfortable.

The employees wait their turn to visit them and they have become a kind of anti stress therapy for everyone.

The best break they could give in any job.

No doubt Yvonne’s good gesture deserves applause, but all his collaborators have also shown a good heart.

As the kittens grow, more than one has signed up to adopt and give a loving home to any of the furry ones. Mother Buba is probably the only one permanently in the office, but 9 adult cats in one place can be a mess.

When someone wants to help there is no limit that matters. And this cat is therefore fortunate to come across considerate people like these employees, share their beautiful rescue in their networks.

Source: Zoorprendente


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