Woman rescues 9 puppies she found abandoned in a cardboard box

A passerby noticed a strange looking cardboard box discarded by the side of a road on the outskirts of a city in Greece. The large box was taped from all sides, with holes punched on the top of it. With severely distressed puppy noises coming from inside the box, it was clear that someone had discreetly gotten rid of an unwanted litter of puppies in the secluded spot.

As the size of the litter seemed to be huge, the passerby reached out to Diasozo Animal Rescue for expert aid. A rescuer soon drove to the deserted road to inspect the situation. She was horrified as she removed mounds and mounds of tape from the tightly sealed box. When she finally got a glimpse of the puppies, her heart sank.

The rescuer was shaken to her core to find 9 sickly puppies cramped up inside that tiny space, with no food in their bellies. They were deeply terrified and kept crying in despair thinking their end was near. Their spineless owner had not only separated them from their mama, but also left them to starve and succumb to a slow and painful death.

The puppies were too weak to run or escape, so the rescuer grabbed the box and safely placed them in her car. Her first priority was to rush the dying puppies to the shelter to get them some food. Sure enough, the famished little ones devoured a whole bag of food within seconds of arriving at the shelter.

With food in their belly, the puppies grew aware of their surroundings again. The adorable big bunch was curious to see their shelter caretaker and persistently tried to drown her with endless kisses!

These cuties are about a month old and they have a lot of growing up left to do, but they are in good hands now.

These puppies are lucky to have been discovered and saved in the nick of time. It’s a real shame that people discard puppies and dogs that need our help instead of getting them adopted or surrendering them to a shelter. We wish these adorable puppies a happy life and hope that they all end up in great forever homes!

Click on the video below to watch the rescue of the puppies:

Source: I Love My Dog


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