Woman on vacation finds abandoned dog with broken spine and rescue him

When we go on vacation, we rarely think we can come home with a new family member, much less than this new member is a lovely puppy who has been through a lot and the least he deserves is a little unconditional love. This family has found a dog lying completely still on the road.

Kiara Ijzendoorn was on vacation in Crete, Greece when she saw the dog abandoned.

Ijzendoorn could not believe what he was seeing, let alone imagine the painful situation the puppy was in and decided to help him. When he found out that the dog was in a serious state of health:

“His leg was totally paralyzed. He had a big bump on his back that was his broken spine. We stopped the car so he could crawl out of the way, but he looked like a heap”.

He tried to find out if the puppy had any relatives but only discovered that he had been living in a nearby barn, all alone.

Ijzendoorn only wanted to help him, so she visited him for several days, brought food, water and provided the best company to try to ease his pain.

She decided to call him Fos, which means “brilliant” in Greek.

Despite the difficult situation, the puppy was going through, Fos was always brave and showed his sweetness and affection every time Ijzendoorn and his family visited him.

The woman kept thinking about her baby and decided to adopt him.

When a veterinarian came to Fos, he determined that, due to the severity of his injuries, the puppy had been mistreated in the past. In order to recover his health, he had to be under treatment for a few days before he could finally be taken to his new home.

You were sent to your new family in Holland.

The puppy couldn’t be happier. Finally, he could have a family that would take care of him and fills him with love, no matter what his past might be. Fos’ recovery has been slow but has shown great changes compared to the state in which he was found. Little by little, Ijzendoorn and his family understand the puppy who reveals some fears.

“He walks better now and his bump isn’t as big”, said Ijzendoorn. “He is scared of older men and some cats”.

Fos didn’t have a simple past, but he has a hopeful future with a family that understands him and loves him without paying more attention to the past that left its mark on the dog. The important thing is that he has been found by people who care about him and give him all the attention he needs.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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