Woman makes little houses for abandoned dogs using milk and juice cartons

A beautiful project called “They Deserve Love” coordinated by Kauane Silveira, is making a lot of success.

She has a true love for animals, especially dogs, and is dedicated to making little houses to protect them from the cold. Kauane’s idea is making a lot of success after it was shared on her Facebook page. Her goal is to protect animals that live on the streets has caught the attention of many people, mainly because of the method she uses.

She found a very well-thought-out way to make the houses using recyclable materials, such as milk and juice cartons. The nice thing about this project is that the recyclable materials are practically free of charge, and with this, she is able to help many dogs on the street who are cold.

And there’s no doubt that the puppies liked these little houses.

Just look at the pictures below and you will surely realize that they loved them!

Kauane distributes the little houses around her city and manages to give a little comfort to the dogs, especially on nights when the cold is intense. She also made sure to show how the whole process is done to encourage more people to do the same.

With the help of their neighbors, she can get many milk crates. And also realize this project that will indeed shelter many dogs that still live on the streets.

Source: Catioro Reflexivo


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