Woman is accused of keeping her dog on an unprotected 17th floor balcony

Our soul is broken and, at the same time, filled with indignation when some irresponsible owners boast about having a pet on a whim. They don’t understand that pets are innocent beings that deserve all care.

It is the unfortunate situation of a poor dog who stands 24 hours a day on a balcony over time in the municipality of San Miguel in Santiago, Chile.

The dog is locked day and night on the balcony without having the right to enter the apartment.

The most distressing thing is that it has no protection. The neighbors are concerned that at any time the dog may fall.

A couple of neighbors have witnessed the cruelty the dog is suffering.

Days go by without their needs being cleaned and even when it rains or is very cold the animal is still there.

Daniela López Mora, full of helplessness without her owner reacting, recorded a video to report the case on social networks and get help for the dog.

“Despite the demands of the neighbors, who have repeatedly observed the same situation, our requests have not yet been heard by the building managers.” Starts Daniela’s message along with the video.

Watch the video:

“I don’t know where to call or who else to go to. It makes me lose my soul to see the dog day and night, asking the owners to at least let him in. I just think if the owner doesn’t want it, she’ll give it up for adoption. But the lady’s answer was ‘I’ll leave it there as long as I want,’ ” she continued.

“I went to the building and they took my data. All they did was give my number to the owner, who called me to insult me and tell me that she would leave him there, which was her pet,” concludes Daniela.

The video aired on July 21, and then the networks kept commenting on the event and teamed up to support Daniela.

Several local media appeared in the site to cover the scandalous event. And another video from a second neighbor confirming the dog’s unfair treatment has surfaced:

It became known that the dog’s owner is named Gisel. And they are thinking of a plan for the woman to deliver the animal.

Share so that this case reaches the appropriate instances and justice is done.

Source: Zoorprendente


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