Woman hears cries coming from the forest and discovers a puppy tied to a tree

Jessica Clayborn is an animal lover who lives in Zebulon, North Carolina. Recently, the woman was at her house hanging her laundry outside, when she heard a cry coming from the nearby forest. Concerned, Clayborn followed the sound of the screams and ended up finding a horrible situation: a wounded puppy tied to a tree.

SPCA of Wake County

The pup was on a small patch of dry land, which was surrounded by deep mud. As he tried to break free, the rope tied around his neck caused deep cuts on his skin. It’s not known for how long this poor pup was tied in the forest, but it’s obvious that someone left him there to die.

SPCA of Wake County

Clayborn cut the rope and ran to the Animal Hospital, where the puppy received immediate treatment. The puppy is improving gradually and is expected to make a full recovery.

SPCA of Wake County

With the help of the SPCA of Wake County, the puppy now called Nash, has been placed in a loving home where he can relax and recuperate.

SPCA of Wake County

Despite everything he has been trough, Nash is a very confident and affectionate puppy. Watch the video below and follow the details of this incredible rescue:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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