Woman finishes marathon carrying a dog she rescued during the race

Khemjira Klongsanun is a racing enthusiast from Bangkok, Thailand.

Although she likes to run competitively, Klongsanun knows that some things are more important than having a good time.

Last week, Klongsanun was attending a local marathon when something caught her eye. At about 30% of the race, she found an abandoned puppy.

Instead of continuing her way and letting the puppy alone, Klongsanun decided to stop for a brief moment. She stopped and took the helpless cub in her arms.

But she did something else.

For the next 18 miles, Klongsanun carried the puppy as she ran.

He was now safe and in good hands.

There was a chance, perhaps, that Klongsanun might have delivered the puppy to a spectator or a race officer, but she did not.

Here is the video of her and the puppy during the race:

The puppy remained in Klongsanun’s arms until the end and together they crossed the finish line.

However, this would not be the end of the line for Klongsanun and his unlikely racing companion.

After the race, Klongsanun decided to take the puppy home to be part of her family.

Heading to its new home, the puppy managed to get more rest than he did along the race.

Then, Klongsanun took the puppy, now named Nong Chom, to a check-up with a veterinarian.

Later, she introduced him to the other dogs in her family.

Nong Chom got along with his brothers very well.

The once lonely puppy was surrounded by love.

In case Nong Chom’s brothers and mother were around and needing help, Klongsanun and Nong Chom returned to where he had been found hoping to find them. But it seems that Nong Chom really was there alone.

Now, Nong Chom is at home.

Every rescued dog has a story of when his life changed for the better – but few, perhaps, are as memorable as Nong Chom’s. And while it is not known how much time Klongsanun lost in the race that day due to the puppy, those details are unimportant compared to the extra love she got in her life.

Source: Portal Do Animal


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