Woman finds puppy who was missing 8 years ago

Only those who own a pet and love him as a member of their family know the feeling of fear at the thought of losing him due to an illness, or that him will suddenly disappear.

In 2011, Maya, the chihuahua of Silvia, an inhabitant of Latina, Italy, disappeared without a trace. For a long time, the woman tried to bring her back home, but the searches, unfortunately, proved useless.

Then, in early August 2019, the miracle: the little dog was found.

The news was first given by the editors of Tgcom24. In a report, the story was told and showed the moving encounter between the puppy and her owner. The extraordinary discovery is the result of the commitment of the environmental watchdog Norsaa di Latina, who worked despite the logistical difficulties.

The key track was the recognition chip with which the dog was equipped, however, the contact number provided at the time of registration at the canine records office was no longer active after so long. With a small investigation, Norsaa operators were able to trace the woman’s new address by calling her immediately to recover the animal.

When Silvia heard that Maya was still alive and was coming back to her, she was shocked, happy, but at the same time incredulous, at least until she saw that she could hold her in her arms again. The pain and sadness experienced in those years disappeared in an instant, dissolved between tears and embraces.

Now, the puppy is 8-years-old on her shoulders and some on white hair, but the love bond between her and her owner has remained intact.

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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