Woman finds newborn kitten abandoned under heavy rain and takes him home

Little Bruce was found by Kathryn Van Beek in the rain in Kingsland, Auckland.

At first, the woman thought it was a mouse. But when she looked closer, she realized that it was a kitten, as small as a mouse.

Kathryn was unable to pass straight and decided to take the kitten home. She named him Bruce Wayne.

Bruce was so tiny that the woman had to feed him using a syringe.

Twenty days later, Bruce had already put on 100 grams!

Later, she taught the kitten to feed itself.

And with each passing day, Bruce grew stronger. At 9 weeks, he weighed almost a kilo!

It was impossible not to love that little thing!

Fragile, but with so much to give …

More stronger …

More agile …

And this is how Bruce is now! He grew up to be a beautiful and adorable cat!

Source: Portal Do Animal


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