Woman finds her cat who was missing for years

Almost four years ago, after a strong earthquake hit central Italy, an older woman named Dora was among the displaced. But she lost more than just her home.

Amidst the chaos and confusion after the disaster, Dora’s beloved cat disappeared, never to be seen again.

That is, until recently.

Last week, someone close to Dora went to the social networks to announce that her lost cat had finally reappeared.

“Our dear Dora has never stopped looking for him,” Mimma Bei, Dora’s friend, wrote. “Who knows where he had have been for so long.”

Below is a video of that exciting reunion:

Fortunately, Dora’s cat seemed to be in good physical health, despite his long absence. But being together again, of course, both hearts are complete again.

Source: The Dodo


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