Woman finds abandoned dog in restaurant and takes him home

Kiara Alamo was having dinner at a restaurant in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, when she noticed something strange near her table. A thin white dog was cowering in the corner of the establishment, watching people, and his eyes seemed to beg for help.

Alamo couldn’t ignore the dog’s penetrating gaze

“The face of that dog … he was so sad and scared of people,” Alamo said. “I could see in his eyes that he needed so much love.”


Enjoying the meal and leaving without the dog was out of the question. “I was worried about the dog because the restaurant was near a highway,” Alamo said. “So my mom convinced me to take the dog home.”


The dog, named Uto, had difficulty walking and when his condition did not seem to improve, Alamo and his family took the pup to a veterinarian. After a round of vaccines and an X-ray, they found that Uto would need an surgery to walk without pain.


The operation was a success and after months of recovery, Uto became part of the family. “It was the best decision I ever made,” Alamo said.


A year later, Uto is still a bit nervous about strangers, but he loves to snuggle with Alamo and the other three dogs in the family. “He’s very afraid of people and sounds,” Alamo said. “But he likes to meet other dogs and has lots of friends.”


Thanks to Alamo’s generous help, Uto’s leg is completely healed and he is very happy! So, the loving dog tries to return the favor every day.


“Uto taught me how to be happy,” Alamo said. “He has so much love to offer that he doesn’t even care what other people did to him.”

Now, it is rare to see the dog without a smile on his face and his happiness is contagious. Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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