Woman drives to a “dog dumping ground” every morning to rescue dogs

Every day for the past 10 years, Judy Obregon from “The Abandoned Ones (TAO) Dog Rescue” has been driving past Texas’ Echo Lake roadways at 4 AM in the morning. The secluded area is a notorious dumping ground for unwanted dogs, and Judy’s daily dawn crusade is solely to locate these dogs before they get lost or hurt.

Scared, injured, abused, and broken dogs wag their tails in relief the moment they hear her gentle voice calling them. Judy falls into tears every time she spots these furry castaways, but this depressing influx never seems to end.

Since the animals are in a traumatized mental state after being dumped, Judy lets them relax in her car before taking them to the rescue. The innocent babies embrace their savior with overflowing gratitude as they leave this desolate land forever.

These dogs are then taken to the shelter, where they are prepped up for a second chance at life.

This video sums up Judy’s selfless rescue mission throughout the past decade. The way she plucks out dogs from hopeless dumping scenarios and guides them to glorious forever homes is divine! Those before-and-afters at the end had us bawling our eyes out! She’s a true hero!

Click the video below to watch Judy’s decade-long endeavor to rescue dogs from the remote dumping ground.

Source: I Love My Dog


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