Woman chose to live in a car instead of a home without her dogs

Hillary Barrows, 57, was an English teacher in Europe for 8 years. Hillary has two dogs, Robbie and Cleo. She decided to move back to England and, of course, took her dogs along.

But she did not get a job in her home country. She ran out of money and the government offered her a house to live in. But the government houses do not accept dogs and she would have to get rid of Robbie and Cleo.

Since she was unwilling to part ways with her puppies, she decided to live with them in her old car in the parking lot of the Asda supermarket in Kent, England.

Hillary has help from the Salvation Army and the supermarket staff so there is no lack of food. The dogs were examined by RSPCA agents and found to be healthy.

The English woman still could not find a job, even trying all kinds of work. Companies say they can not employ someone who does not have a fixed address. That makes it difficult, right?

The British Daily Mail has published the story of Hillary and there is a collective kit to help Hillary start her life with her dogs again. More than 9,000 pounds have already been raised from the 15,000 intended.

The story took on such a large scale that it came to the ears of a dog trainer who has an animal shelter. The trainer offered a bungalow on her farm so Hillary could stay with her dogs until she found a job and a decent place to live.

Surely everyone who loves dogs identifies with this story. Would you abandon your dog? Never!

Source: Tudo Sobre Cachorros


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