Woman buys dog and makes a devastating breakthrough – then she calls the cops

Kelly Benzel was looking for a dog and knew she had to keep a dog in need. She found someone selling Rocco, a Pit Bull mixed dog. So Kelly bought the sweet Rocco and when she got him, she soon knew he was the right dog for her family.

However, on her way home, she noticed something horrible. Rocco started to smell badly and Kelly couldn’t take the odor anymore, so she stopped to check on what was going on…

The poor animal had a cut on his neck that was clearly infected. The woman was furious, but she knew she needed to help the puppie. Then they went on a trip to the vet. There, the doctors put bandages on his wound and gave him medicine to help heal his injuries. From what they were able to ascertain, his harness was there since he was young and was getting embedded on his skin.

When Kelly got home, she talked to the dog seller. However, the man tried to bribe her not to report the case. Still, Kelly exposed the situation to the authorities! Rocco’s previous owners claimed that they didn’t know of his injury and had never taken the harness because he would try to escape.

Previous owners and the seller have all been accused of ill-treatment of animals and will receive a maximum sentence of 3 ½ years of prison. Hopefully they will pay for everything they did! As for Rocco, he’s living a happy and healthy life with his new family that loves him back.

Woman buys dog and makes a devastating discovery

Watch the video below to get to know a little more about the history of this wonderful animal:

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Source: Glad Wire


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