Woman beats her dog in broad daylight

Dogs are affectionate, loving and very loyal beings. For this reason, they are considered the Man’s best friend! Many puppies risk their lives to save their humans. However, people end up always breaking the hearts of these defenseless beings.

The story we’ll meet today reflects a sad case of animal cruelty.

Facebook – Amor Por Los Animales

It’a unbelievable how a person who volunteers to raise and care for a dog ends up harming his life. However, this was the case of Irene Ledesma, a woman living in the neighborhood of Bajo de Vertiz, in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

Facebook – Amor Por Los Animales

Irene assaulted her dog in broad daylight until the poor animal collapsed on the floor. The woman didn’t stop kicking him and hit him with a stick.

Fortunately, the dog was rescued and taken to the vet where he received immediate treatment.

Facebook – Amor Por Los Animales

A diagnosis revealed the puppy didn’t have any fractures. However, he had several sores on his back and genitals.

What the woman did is unacceptable… All the damage she did to the poor animal, without even bothering to be in broad daylight. How can anyone do that?

Facebook – Amor Por Los Animales

During the video you can hear the howls of the puppy, which doesn’t even have the strength to stand up. In addition, you can hear the barking of other dogs, as if they were raising their voices for the woman to stop.

Check out the disgusting moment in the video below:

Unfortunately, there are still people who believe they have the right to commit such crimes. Ignoring these events is as bad as participating in them. These situations can be avoided if someone intervenes or summons the respective authorities to act.

Justice has to be applied relentlessly, since no living being deserves to be treated in this way. In the meantime, let’s hope the puppy fully recovers and is surrounded by people who truly love him.

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