Woman and her dog sell cakes on the street to pay for his chemotherapy

Yoselín is a young Mexican woman who was willing to do everything in her power to save her dog, Max. The animal needed chemotherapy and, as she had no money to pay for the treatment, the tutor decided to come up with a plan: both sell cakes to the street.

The initiative was a success and there is good news. Max has already had a biopsy and is waiting for the results.

However, the process was not easy. The husky dog was abandoned by the previous owner and had several deformities in his body, so he needed treatment, says El Imparcial.

In a news story published on January 23, Yoselín revealed to the newspaper that he had cooked about 200 cupcakes to help Max. Then they went to Plaza Zaragoza to sell them.

On Facebook, the 24-year-old is posting updates of her best friend’s health status. In the last, published this Thursday, Yoselín says that “Max is better and his discomfort is already under control. He is very excited, perhaps because he feels all the love that is sent to him”.

Source: Noticias Ao Minuto


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