Woman adopts elderly, blind cat that almost died after being abandoned

It’s a shame, but some people are as hard-hearted as a rock and are able to throw away their pets, which in their time filled their home with love and joy.

Having an animal at home is synonymous with responsibility. They are beings that deserve respect, care, and lots of love.

But not everyone understands it that way, unfortunately, this is what happened to Mr. Wilson. A noble old blind cat with feline immunodeficiency syndrome was abandoned on the street.

Wilson’s life is full of suffering and mistreatment evidenced by the visible marks on his body.

Fortunately, NGO volunteers found this noble 11-year-old cat, who was not only blind with feline immunodeficiency syndrome. But he had also lost many of his teeth, and the remaining teeth were broken.

When Wilson was rescued, his health was very critical, this noble feline was between life and death.

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, in the city of Salto de Pirapora, in São Paulo, Brazil, he received every medical care to regain his health.

Fortunately, Barbara Teixeire came to the shelter looking for a kitten as she had done on other occasions, and fell in love with Wilson.

Barbara adopted him and brought him home to give him a home to spend his golden years filled with love.

The shelter staff was concerned that Wilson’s adoption would not be easy.

In fact, as part of the documentation to effectuate the adoption, Barbara had to sign a term of responsibility, where she legally took charge of her health and life.

It was also necessary to assess the condition of Barbara’s home to ensure that she could fit in Wilson’s place.

But everything went as Barbara had hoped. And on her Instagram account she told the story of this blind kitten and his two other feline siblings.

Barbara loves her three adorable pets, and they all live happily. Every day these three kitties receive cuddles, treats, and a delicious meal that they enjoy and thank with a tender look.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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