Woman accidentally ingests pills she had bought to poison street dogs

It is well known that karma can be tough, but what it reserved for the 51-year-old Peruvian lady who wanted to get rid of the street dogs at her house was a bitter end.

Tired of constantly hearing barks and having the house surrounded by abandoned animals, she decided to buy some pills to poison the poor animals.

However, she made a serious mistake by swallowing pills for dogs rather than cough drops.

A fatal mistake that cost the life of the unfortunate woman who, according to what the local media reported, began to feel bad right away. Faced with several episodes of convulsions, the woman’s relatives rushed her to the hospital of Manuel Núñez Butrón de Puno, in the town of Platerìa, where the woman was transported already without life.

Despite all efforts, doctors could not do anything to save the woman who arrived already without life at the hospital. Only after inspection did the doctors find the remains of the ingested pills, thus establishing the cause of the woman’s demise.

Karma or not, this tragic accident could have been avoided, according to many, simply calling some local rescue organization or foundation to help abandoned animals, instead of taking the initiative to try to solve the problem with such cruelty.

A sad story that reminds us that in life and in the most unexpected way, the wheel can turn to the opposite side.

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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