Wolf was abandoned and was going to be sacrificed but found love and fame

People generally prefer to adopt dogs and cats because they are small animals and can be raised in homes with ease.

But a volunteer at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary, which is a suitable place for large abandoned animals, has touched the internet with this history of abandonment.

A man who was not identified, called the shelter saying he did not want the wolf anymore. He had received him from a friend and, he only accepted the “gift” out of obligation.

Unnecessary to say, it upset the local staff, right? They had gone in search of the wolf that already had a name: Yuki!

Upon arriving at the local, they examined the animal that had several marks of abuse. He underwent surgery and had a recovery watered by love and affection for the volunteers.

Not to mention that he was considered a seducer of women because in his private room the wolf is spoiled by the volunteers who spend the day giving attention to the wolf.

Yuki eventually found love too, the wolf named Bella won the heart of Yuki and, they are building a beautiful story together.

The wolf was so lucky! He won a new home, caring friends and, a girl to have a happy life with, from now on.

Source: Mob Noticias


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