Without money or space, woman struggles to feed and shelter 51 abandoned animals

When it comes to changing the world through our good deeds, it’s not necessary to have great material wealth, for what is truly interesting and essential is what is stored in the soul. Values such as empathy and love for others are some of these precious jewels.

So let’s talk about admirable people like Itzel Figueroa , an extraordinary natural and caring woman from Mexico. She has become famous for her concern for animals that are out in the open and without food.

Her main goal is to collect them and remove them from the streets to house them in a shelter that she plans to set up for this purpose. Itzel is known for his angelic character towards those who suffer the most. Nothing has stopped her from giving them a temporary home and feeding so many abandoned animals.

The photos in which she appears feeding a group of homeless furry people have gone viral. This is thanks to the author who shared them on his social network accounts, user Miramar Valencia. In them you can see the dogs jumping up and down with joy, very grateful, as always.

As soon as Itzel opened the bags of food and offered them to the street eaters, they went crazy and exploded with happiness. Of course, who knows how long it has been since they have eaten.

Unfortunately, few people like this activist stop to help them.

“She just wants to help more dogs. Help us share, you can also donate,” Valencia said in the publication.

But, Itzel’s challenge is not only limited to feeding the animals. At the end of the construction work for the shelter of her dreams, she offers many roofs over her own house , sparing them from indignity.

“Although she has no shelter, her love is so great that she shares her home with these puppies. They run and sleep all over the house, they feel the love and acceptance they receive in this humble house,” Valencia said.

Despite the small living space that Itzel has, her love for animals has led her to welcome 51 animals into her home so far. However, she also said that there is still much to be done and that any support for her cause is welcome.

Share this story with your loved ones. Itzel hopes to continue doing his commendable work and that his company will soon become a reality to continue growing to ensure that more and more dogs get a second chance at life.

Source: Zoorprendente


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