Without knowing how his owner is, dog stays in front of the hospital waiting for him

Anyone with a dog knows that these animals are completely loyal. They are willing to make great sacrifices to help and protect their owners. Their dedication is so strong that sometimes it goes beyond the limits of self-preservation. They overshadow their own lives to ensure the welfare of their humans.

The dog Totó is proof of this. He is the protagonist of this sad but also moving story.

He was taken one day to Pablo Soria hospital, in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, to comfort his owner.

The owner of Totó ended up dying. From the moment of his death, his relatives were completely disinterested in the animal.

In the following days, the hospital staff began to notice Totó’s presence at the exits of the building. Now alone, the animal had returned to the place where, for the last time, it had seen its beloved owner.

Probably waiting for any other moment to see him again.

The story of Totó moved many people, who took steps to fix it. Different associations took care of the situation, looking for a family that could receive him and give him the love he deserves.

An important requirement to adopt him, however, is to have a very high wall. Everyone is sure that, on the first occasion, Totó would return to the hospital to wait for his life partner, now far away.

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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