With terminal cancer, man appeals before dying for his dogs to be adopted

We cannot deny that some people have to face a life full of bad news or sad times, some decide to be strong and face the battle in which, even knowing that no winner will come out, give everything to the end, not just for them but for those who were always there unconditionally.

Being pets the best comfort in times of pain and unconditional friend that does not fail.

Undoubtedly, puppies are a fundamental piece in many people’s lives.

Bobby Lynn Brockman is one of those people who, having received a difficult diagnosis and knowing their days were numbered, wasted no time in protecting those he considers his children, his beloved puppies.

Brockman was diagnosed with prostate cancer; For over a year, any signs or symptoms of this disease have disappeared.

But at the least indicated and unannounced time, the disease returned and spread rapidly through all of his bones, including his mouth.

Brockman’s cancer has been metastasized.

After receiving 12 chemotherapy and 110 radiation treatments, nothing seemed to stop the enemy Brockman faced.

Aware of his fate, he only thought of his adorable four-legged furry, to him his puppies were his family. In this regard, he comments:

“They are my children, they adopted me more than I adopted them.”

While Brockman is not married and is a man with few relatives, he is not alone. Her beautiful family includes three beautiful puppies and four large puppies, the family is growing as some adult bitches are pregnant.

For Brockman, puppies are his base and the main love of his life, a priority that will not change and will be taken until the end of his life.

Your biggest concern is adult dogs.

The man is aware that puppies are more likely to be adopted and find a home where they are treated as another family member. Your biggest concern is adult dogs, you want to find them in good homes.

For this brave man, it would mean a lot to know that they will make them happy and have someone who will love them as much as he does.

They are not purebred dogs but deserve the same opportunities as any other puppy.

Undoubtedly, there are people who do not hesitate to put dogs as a priority in their life, Brockman is one of them, we hope he realizes his dream and find a home for them, so that he can rest in peace.

There are stories that deserve to be told and this is one of them. Discuss with your family and friends about the gesture of a man with his dogs and share the note on their hammocks to reach every corner of the world.

Source: Zoorprendente


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