When rescued, skeletal dog regains health thank to the love and care of his saviors

Valia Orfanidou is one of those wingless angels that transforms the lives of the most defenseless animals, offering opportunities where many see sadness or certain death.

Valia spends much of her time volunteering at shelters in Athens, Greece, helping different rescue groups ensure the safety of furry animals and is part of their daily lives.

One day she saw a picture of a dog in which its fragile, cadaverous body was covered only with scabby fur and some hair. No doubt in Valia’s eyes he was the saddest puppy in the world. Moved by her passion, she decided to offer her help and decided to contact her friend and a team to rescue him.

Everyone was eager to find that fragile dog in the picture.

The animal was about 70 kilometers from his city, Valia and the team rescued her excitedly, but when they arrived they saw that the dog’s condition was so deplorable that all they could do was help him try to die with dignity. .

Together they decided to take him to a vet, to the surprise of all doctors said the dog could recover, they did not hesitate to start a long recovery process and baptize the puppy by the name of Billy. In the early days, the fragile puppy slept and ate little, enjoyed his new, cozy bed.

Valia drove home to give priority attention.

Slowly, he changed his appearance thanks to Valia’s patience and dedication. Although she helped many puppies, she had never seen such a transformation, it was certainly a miracle.

After two months, Billy appeared to be another dog.

Within a few months, that piece of bone and scab was transformed into a healthy, beautiful puppy, the scab completely healed, and the hair began to protrude across the skin. He seemed unrecognizable to the group of first responders who bet on his life.

There are many abandoned puppies who need a little angel to save them.

It wasn’t long before Billy left for his new home. He was adopted by a Greek woman living in Switzerland. No doubt it was very difficult for Valia to say goodbye to his little miracle, but he was happy to have saved his life, now he is sure that he is a healthy dog that fills every corner of his new home with joy.

Emma is the new owner, still keeping in touch with Valia via Skype.

Fortunately, Billy met wonderful people who gave him a second chance. Remember that it is the small acts that make the difference, we will motivate ourselves to make small gestures of love for the stray dogs, they will know how to thank us.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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