Woman finds wet dog with an “anchor” on his neck

Audra Petraškienė was driving along a river, near her home in Lithuania, when she noticed something strange by the side of the road. There, trembling and alone, was a soaked dog. The woman decided to stop and soon realized that he had survived a cruel attempt to end his life.

Facebook – Audra Petraškienė

The dog had just come out of the nearby river and, clearly, someone with a cold heart wanted him to remain trapped underwater. Around the dog’s neck was an improvised “anchor.” “Apparently someone put a heavy metal item on his neck and threw him into the river to drown,” said Petraškien’s daughter, Andra. “The dog was scared and shivering.”

Woman finds wet dog

Petraškienė recorded the moment when she found the poor animal:

No one knows how the dog survived the attempted drowning, but we’re glad he did. “He’s a real fighter,” Andra said. Petraškienė took the dog home, where she took the metal from his neck and dried his wet hair. After that, she took him to the vet for a routine appointment.

Facebook – Audra Petraškienė

Fortunately, the dog was not seriously injured. The pup is now recovering under the care of Petraškienė. She has informed the police about what has happened and she is anxious to see the person responsible for the crime behind the bars.

What matters at the moment is that the puppy is in good hands with Petraškienė. “She’ll definitely do what’s best for this dog.” Andra said.

Facebook – Audra Petraškienė

Petraškienė’s kindness is helping to fix things. “I’m very proud of her,” Andra said of her mother. “She loves animals and always cares for them.”

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Source: The Dodo


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