Dog can’t find her way home for 6 days and she gets emotional when owner finally finds her

Our four-legged friends mean a lot to us… When something happens to them, we are devastated and our hearts are filled with sadness! The circumstances around us make bad things happen and it is our job to make sure our pets are protected.

Xian-Mao was with her owner in the market… They have a habit of going to the market together every week. But unfortunately one day something bad happened. Someone set off fireworks nearby, which scared Xian-Mao. The poor dog ran off aimlessly!

Youtube – M13Xian-Mao was completely lost and couldn’tfind her way home.

Fortunately, after six days alone, Xian-Mao managed to find her way to her owner’s friend’s house. As they were all on high alert, they quickly rushed to Xian-Mao and then called her human. He came as fast as he could!

Youtube – M13

Their reunion is really exciting and Xian-Mao even tears up! The adorable little dog loves her human with all her might, and the video below is the proof of that!

Youtube – M13

We are very happy that Xian-Mao and her dad are together again. Check out the exciting reunion in the video below:


Dog gets emotional when owner finally finds her


Fortunately, these two are back together. Share this story with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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