80-year-old grandma agrees to go down the water slide – the funny footage is melting hearts

Just because you got older doesn’t mean you can’t be young in spirit! There are videos all over the internet of old people defying time and continuing to do the activities they love. From dancing to climbing, people from all over the world are proving that age is just a number, just like the woman in the footage below. At age 80, she decided to go down on a water slide.

Youtube – Poke My Heart

When it’s summer, there is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold pool. This grandmother was ready for your dive. But instead of just tiptoeing, she decided to go the funniest way! She climbed to the top of a water slide with her granddaughter, who helped grandma prepare for the adventurous descent. The girl even handed a camera to the old woman so she could film herself. We are glad she has captured this beautiful moment!

Youtube – Poke My Heart

The 80-year-old woman sat on the water slide, happy and a little nervous. But this grandmother is brave and not intimidated. In a short time, the fear became a short walk of emotions, shouts and facial expressions of inestimable value! Watch the video below to see this old lady in action.

Whoever says that water slides are just for kids surely never saw this grandmother in action. Share with your friends who will be like this when they are old: adventurous and brave!

Source: Share Tap


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