Teenager chases woman but doesn’t realize he’s being watched

Today’s teenagers don’t make the best impression on older generations. They are often accused of being spoiled, disrespectful and lazy. There are even those who say that they are tech-obsessed narcissists who are only capable of worrying about themselves. But the kid we’re going to see next did something that proves exactly the opposite. And the best of all? He did not know he was being watched, so his action was completely altruistic.

Generosity on a hot day

Of course, this generation of teenagers has some rotten apples, which one doesn’t have a few? But, once in a while, you read a story like this and remember that kindness and love are still alive in the world. This month, a teenager from Texas, named Louis Jordan, became viral when a photo of him was published online.

It was captured on a hot day in downtown Houston. While Jordan was waiting to pick up his mother, he saw an older lady sitting in the heat. The disabled woman was sitting at the bus stop, with the wheelchair completely exposed to the sun. Watching the woman in distress, the boy felt the need to help.


“It was unbearably hot,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to be out there in the sun.” It was then that Jordan remembered that he had an umbrella in the trunk. He went to pick it up from the back of the car and began to protect her from the sun. The woman was surprised by the gentle gesture of the teenager, and the two of them talked as he protected her from the heat. When the woman’s bus took longer than expected, Jordan stayed with her all the time!

Mother marveled with the kindness of her son

When Jordan’s mother, Bernadette, finished work, she found her son helping the older woman. Without thinking twice, the mother immediately captured the comforting moment. Now, photography has been shared thousands of times.


“I’m a proud mother,” Bernadette said. “He’s full of surprises, that’s all I can say.”

Jordan’s kindness is a comforting reminder that good deeds, and good teenagers, still exist in this world. Now, Jordan and his wife, Michelle, have formed a friendship. Whenever Jordan sees her, he runs off with his umbrella to talk and protect her from the sun.


“We laughed, we played,” Jordan said. “She’s in a book club. I came to find out she likes pork chops. I owe her some stuffed pork chops,” he laughs. For Jordan, acts of generosity are a way to remind people that there is still good in the world.

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Source: Spotlight


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